Website Malware Removal Recommends Periodic Updates

The most asked question we receive from experts in WordPress Security Issues, is how do they get into my WordPress site and put malicious code on the site? It is easy; they just go to your login page and use a bot to hit the site with millions of passwords until they get the correct one. The user name for many sites that are hacked is admin or some derivative of that name. The bots are sophisticated and will work until the password is discovered. Many times if the site is overloaded with login attempts, the hosting company will lock or suspend the site until certain actions are taken by the owner or agent in charge.

The next trick they use to get into your site is something we call PHP code. This code powers many of your WordPress themes and different Plugins, etc. If they can manipulate the wp-config. PHP file, it is an easy way to break into your site and create havoc. Please update your WordPress sites as often as possible. This will solve a high percentage of your problems with malware. If you do not have the time or expertise, call us at Our staff will update your website on a weekly basis.

Some other ways the hackers are able to breach security and get into your site is thru SQL Injections. Basically, they use WordPress sites with databases and manipulate the database to receive the malicious code and spam links.  We highly recommend that you run your site on the latest version of WordPress and take additional steps to optimize and protect your site by updating themes and plugins.
If you have any questions about malware or want to take advantage of some of the services we offer, please see out website at